Wettest Place On Earth- Shillong to Cherrapunji

30 Sep 2017

Prepared for any weather (rain especially… it being one of the wettest place on earth…) we set off for the Root Bridges. The 2 hour drive felt like a combination of traveling through the Scotchish highlands and Hawaii. Rolling hills, rocky cliffs covered in greenery with stops for views of Bangladesh, waterfalls and tea. Mining and village stalls selling beef and pork are sites not common in other ares of India and worth a few photo opps. Our staff was stocked with about 18 kilos of water and a tasty home cooked lunch which we consumed happily once we reached our destination. The trail began in a village and meandered through the forest step after step. A well maintained trail of concrete steps with evidence of the colonial era and influence aand made the hike interesting and easy of navigate. Our pain or complaints were easily squashed as we moved aside to watch several boys hike up the steps with raw materials and boards weighing at least 100+ lbs.

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