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The hike out of the rain forest was as we expected… long hard and at times never ending.

Navigating through Srinagar airport is never an easy task, but with the new tourism police standing by and ensuring ...

I decided to stop by in Jammu on my way to Srinagar from Delhi to call on my friend from the Royal Family of Jammu and Kashmir to talk about my upcoming group trip to Kashmir valley.

Arriving at the Root Bridges was a feat for us all and yet it was mostly downhill! We were all tempted to buy local honey ….

Reaching the Root Bridges after about an hour and half walk was both rewarding and a reminder that times..

17 Sep 2017

Chaos to Paradise

Take in the fresh air was truly the way to enter into a nice long weekend. We all were a bit road weary, but after a good meal prepared with love

I would be very happy to take you on a trip I just completed. I have made very frequent visits to the Kashmir valley over the last 4 years

Prepared for any weather (rain especially… it being one of the wettest place on earth…) we set off for the Root Bridges.

07 Mar 2017

Kaziranga & Farewells

After a morning ceremony prepared by Chaman and Rajmal honouring our hiking accomplishments, we set off for Kaziranga National Park , about a 4 hour car ride from the village.